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Giving Options

Here at HIS, we are working on the best and most effective and efficient ways that our friends at HIS can give. Presently, we have two ways that you can give:

  • 1

    Bring cash to the business office at Hope International School

    Inside of China (without fapiao issued)

  • 2

    Scan the QR code below to send your financial gift through Yoopay

    Outside or inside China (without fapiao issued)

    Please note: Yoopay charges a 1% to 3% fee depending on the currency and amount
    donated. Yoopay accepts wechat, alipay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, China bank transfers, and overseas bank transfers.

AISB-Hope International Wish List

Here are some immediate needs from our Music and PE departments. If you would like to help with the purchase of these items, please use the designated giving options.

Music Department:
Eight condenser microphones:
16,000RMB (2,000 each)

Volleyball nets: 3,000RMB