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Staff Directory

Holding forth truth

Inspiring excellence

Sharpening character

School Leadership

  • Mr. Roger Bishop

    Head of School

  • Dr. Steven Pope

    Assistant Head of School

  • Dr. Brenell Ferguson

    Head of Secondary

  • Mr. Stuart Weaver

    Head of Elementary

  • Ms. Nina Bi

    Principal of Nova Academy

Department Heads

  • Mr. Eric Eneme B.

    Head of IT

  • Ms. Eva Yang

    Head of Admissions

  • Mrs. Lisa Li

    Head of Human Resources

  • Mrs. Helen Wang

    Head of Finance

  • Ms. Emilia Bywaters

    Head of Math

  • Mr. Michael Sapp

    Head of English Plus
    Head of English

  • Ms. Ruth Ren

    Assistant Head of Elementary

  • Mr. Brian Caintic

    Head of Social Studies

  • Ms. Lufei Wang

    Head of Operations

Elementary Homeroom Teachers

  • Ms. Flavia Nazziwa

    K5 Homeroom Teacher

  • Mrs. Janiece Wang

    G1 Homeroom Teacher

  • Mrs. Emily Merrill

    G2 Homeroom Teacher

  • Mr. Michael Grandone

    G3 Homeroom Teacher

  • Mrs. Jeanne Rabanal

    G4 Homeroom Teacher

  • Ms. Rozelle Basson

    G5 Homeroom Teacher

Secondary Subject Teachers

  • Dr. Samuel Jung

    STEM & Math Teacher
    Korean Guidance Counselor

  • Dr. Phinihas Acheampong

    Social Studies Teacher
    Philosophy Teacher

  • Mr. Edward Wilson

    Middle & High School Science Teacher

  • Ms. Elizabeth Boisselle

    English Teacher
    English Plus Teacher

Specials Teachers

  • Ms. Amanda Xu

    Art Teacher (Elementary)

  • Ms. Katrina Guo

    Music Teacher

  • Ms. Cherie Lam

    Art Teacher (Secondary)

  • Mrs. Sara Gonzalez

    Spanish Teacher

  • Mrs. Hannah Kong

    English Plus Teacher

  • Mrs. Zhan Ying

    Chinese Teacher

  • Mrs. Ronnie Han

    Chinese Teacher

  • Mr. Jack Zhang

    PE Teacher
    Sports Coordinator

  • Mr. Laurence Rabanal

    IT Teacher
    Technology Support

Support Staff

  • Mr. Victor Zhang

    Academic Officer

  • Mrs. Elring Tan

    Guidance Counselor

  • Ms. Holly Hong

    Learning Assistant

  • Ms. Yue Han

    Curriculum Developer

  • Ms. Elaine Zhang

    Learning Assistant

  • Ms. Elsie Long

    Events and Activities Coordinator

  • Mr. Paul Kim

    Admissions and Family Support

  • Miss. Yani Wang

    Human Resources Officer

  • Mrs. Lynn Li

    Finance Officer

  • Ms. Daphne Deng


  • Dr. Iris Yu

    School Counselor

  • Mrs. Alessandra Azambuja

    Marketing and Events Coordinator

  • Mr. Hongbo Niu

    Logistics and Maintenance

  • Ms. Miriam Chen

    School Nurse
    Government Liaison

  • Mrs. Hongyan He

    Cleaning Coordinator

  • Mrs. Esther Li


  • Mrs. Jinfeng Yang


  • Mrs. Liying Zheng